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During these months we're talking-lots-of independence and autonomy by attributing these categories of thought and modus operandi to bodybuilders ' ones that stand out for their initiatives and messages in defense of their freedom and to support a fairly competitive market system. Actually these categories should be compelling for those who place a job, as they say, of attorney ... representing the coachbuilders. A major reason in a critical period like ours that we are experiencing, where few are the certainties and disappointing if not devastating is the awareness to nurture serious doubts on the autonomy of thought and coherence of action of an institution such as the trade association, whatever the theme. And this is unfortunately what is happening, not now, but in a more intense today. And is the cause of distrust and a distance between the base and the representation that only time will tell what will not alone suffice. Anyone there hopefully someone already there trying to bridge this gap. Because the situation is likely to become unsustainable. The future of the bodywork is seriously undermined; Since the crisis, from the many inefficiencies-sometimes on the edge of legality-of the system. Inefficiencies, ignored and tolerated by those who have, to the point of risking to be calcified to become an integral part of the system itself. So wrong, so it must go. The weakness of a representation, especially at the highest level, is likely to ignite and disperse the work that many really are achieving so impactful on their territory. One price for all unjust and immoral those daily bodybuilders spend time and energy to one of the most praiseworthy missions: defend your work. As unjust and immoral is the choice before which often they are placed, they will, between national Trade Union and abbreviation acronym local independent. More moral and more would then free the third choice: renew the representations. Let us not forget that we are on the eve of important deadlines/appointments nationwide election, which will lead to the re-election of bodies of the two major unions. A serious opportunity first of all to reinvigorate, at all levels, to representative bodies in many cases now looking sluggish and out of purely symbolic value, secondly to stop the flow of debate and rhetoric and populist parties whose sole function seems now to drag problems as long as the authorities deliver to future generations of bodybuilders. Heavy inheritance which would be nice to avoid hand and hand down too far in time, if we are to ensure a generational change of young motivated and aggressive, and if we want to rediscover the spirit that will be a positive engine to restart the industry.