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Paintless Dent Repair-Comune Tipi di ammaccature e come ripararli con strumenti PDR.


Paintless dent repair, Paintless dent removal is a skill-based trade which is practiced all over the world. But can you actually remove or repair dents and dings in your car without destroying the rest of the paint job?.

With PDR tools yes.

Dents and dings are not uncommon in most vehicles. These dents and dings are unsightly indentation or depression on your car’s exterior caused by a multitude of different things. Generally, car dents do not impact your vehicle’s performance or driving capability.

 Although dents and dings are a minor issue and usually do not need immediate attention, the majority of the car owners realize that correcting dents, especially large dents, can significantly prevent future structural problems. Furthermore, fixing dents will make your car aesthetically appealing and will keep it looking its best.

 In order to evaluate if your car is eligible for paintless dent repair or Paintless dent removal, you need to understand the most common types of dents encountered.


Smooth Dents: This type of dent may be removed through the paintless dent repair method. This dent usually happens when the cars exterior metal is pushed in from someone leaning on the vehicle. Although smooth, this type of dent prevents the metal from returning to its natural form and will create creases or eyebrows and crowns in your cars exterior.

This type of dent may be removed through the Paintless dent removal, PDR tools.


Creased Dents: This type of dent causes the deformation of exterior metal because of an object hitting the panel at a sharp angle. It will be good to know if this type of dent can be removed with paintless dent repair as it can leave two stages of a dent in a tight area.


Door panel dents: Having dents on your cars door panels usually happens in very crowded car parks. Quite often, when the car park is crowded, the chances of another cars door striking your door panels when opened is relatively high. It can also happen when another vehicle reverses into your car door while maneuvering. This type of dent can be removed through the paintless dent repair method if you know the proper way of doing it.

The method has an 'other name: Paintless dent removal, PDR tools.


Dents cause by hail: As with most non-collision dents, dents caused by hail stones can usually be removed using paintless dent repair technology. Usually these dents come in small sizes and can be visible only in the shade or at a particular angle.


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