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My experience started in 1994…  

My journey to learn the profession of bump repair began in a very low note. It was not like those cases where to learn a trade and then get a job, but before you start working, you get some orientation. I learnt on the job and it was the hardest process I never imagined I would undergo. I started this career by signing a contract that was terrible. My boss was not interested in training me on how to repair bumps. He would take me to a square full of cars and then tell me to go and work and ask the people who are there at work on how to do the job. To make matters worse, I didn’t have any tools. I was bare hands and had no luxury of having any books to read or some one to teach me.

 At first I was really upset. I asked myself: “what I am going to do now? Since I had to work, I started to ask the guys who were there what I had to do and how I was supposed to do it. The types of responses I received and the way they treated me was very horrible. I just received bits of information from those who bothered to respond to me questions. They all left me to my fate and my luck. I had to fumble around and try to see what others were doing. It was really hard and time-consuming. The head of the auto store which was also the quality control supervisor of the  restoration of the bump, urged me on, pushing and persisting in my clumsy adventure. It took me several sleepless nights to make some slight progress in my learning process. 



Determination and hard work pays 


Each and every day was a struggle, but I was determined. I kept telling myself that I would make it. What inspired me most was the fact that I knew that some of the experts in this field had gone through the difficulties I was facing. During the day I would think about bumps, at night I dreamed about bumps, having nightmares about them and I was lost in the world of bumps, I had the stress of bumps. At the end of each day I would stop to think of whether I had made any progress. I kept on pushing and pushing hard.


One thing I can attest to is that starting in the dark is not easy. To me, it was a hell. After a month of suffering, I began to see some light, and I was so delighted when the manager the manager told me: “Marco this is your PROFESSION, keep going and you will make it” and THIS IS WHAT HAPPENED.


First I had to do the work for the love of it and secondly for the money. And with this kind of work, I only earned for what I produced and if  I wasn't producing  I would get nothing. So I had to work hard since I also had a wife and a son and many other things to care of. It was painful because I was working hard but was earning so little. In fact, the money I was earning is not even worth talking about as it could no adequately cover my needs. 


I became triumphant

I persevered through this journey until I mastered the process of bump repair. And having undergone through this painful and embarrassing process, I decided to help those who want to learn this trade without having to suffer the way I did.


I have produced a video and a Manual Guide that are detailed yet easy to use. With this cheap tutorial Video and GUIDE manual, you will save hundreds or even thousands of euros that some would demand from you to teach you the craft after which you may realize that you have not leaned how to do the job.


All by yourself

You will be able to learn this beautiful art by yourself and without "false teachers by your side," You by yourself, without live courses or guru closed in monasteries of the bump removal's art technicians. In the video and the manual, I cover everything in detail; everything you need to know about the TECHNIQUE OF BUMP REMOVAL.


You’ll learn, you'll understand, all on your own. You’ll learn how to master the technique of bump removal while earning money and enjoying the wealth you acquire.  It is true that doing this by yourself takes commitment and constancy, but if you have chosen this to be your career, then that wouldn’t be a problem. It will be easier than spending hundreds or thousands of euros on fake trainings. What’s more? Once you purchase this video and the Manual Guide they will be yours forever. So you can use them as many times as you like to help you master the process.



But that’s not all...

In this video and on the manual, I will show you what you need to do when you have to go under the bump to raise it. I will also advise you on the right tool to use and demonstrate to you how to use it. This is an operational problem that everyone working on this sector faces.


With practice, you will be able to handle the tool, becoming more and more skilled with it. You'll also learn the millimetric precision in moving under the bump which is something essential to everyone aspiring to be a professional in this field.



Final thoughts  

Since I learnt this procedure through hardship, I have stripped all the secrets I know about this technique. I urge you to be confident with yourself in maneuvering the tool with which you will go under the bump for reshape.


After you have used this video and the Manual Guide well, it will be less traumatic and much easier to do the work.  It is not difficult. The method is meant to be followed step by step and when you come to the conceptual understanding of what you have to do to fix a bump from hail, you will begin to grow up hour after hour.   



This video was issued in 1/19/2011.

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