806 Addresses

806 Addresses

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The very important part inside this e-Book , that you will have to know are central offices because these are the place where is located the cars deposit insurance Head Office, i.e. where is located the manager who has paid the insurance for all cars that they have in store.


That is not little right? It is certainly not easy to get in this offices, what is easy today anyway? Perhaps smoking a cigarette, but sometimes even that could be difficult.

Then there is the address of an expert Insurance Office of a car company that decides who must work on their deposits, there are few things to know about how it works and why.


However on the internet today you can't find all the information needed to be able to contact them, deposit managers have deliberately removed their addresses and contact information. Those information were traceable some time ago.

Someone has changed the telephone number or any other data, but with the correct name, you can go to the yellow pages or phone book enter the name, and doesn’t matter in which country is in GER, FR, NL and you will find the deposit.

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