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This EASY DENT TOOL (which in slang is called rod) is used by Paint-less Dent Removal technicians, but not by everyone as many do not know it. Another term for repairing the car is hail: paintless dent repair, auto repairing hail is called: PDR TOOL, in the jargon is called Dent Doctor.

However, the foundation is, repair a car with hail Pdr tool systems, Dent Doctor, paintless dent repair, Paintless dent removal .

Rod because it originates from the game of billiards, where the rod of professional players is removable and dismountable and the person that removes dents needs a dismountable rod so that can be transported easily.


As you can see from the pictures the dents can be lifted easily.  If you click on this link you will see an example:

With the convex plate that touches more the dent surface during the processing it is possible to increase the speed execution of 50% on an average dent and 70%/90% for small or medium  stamp dents.

So the technique of paintless dent repair or PDR Toll, paintless dent removal Dent Doctor in the jargon will not be altered by the Auction Tool Easy, but improves in quality.

For those who use the American flat-light lamp becomes much, much easier the processing of the dent without creating those tips that are formed with a usual tool.


The striking fact is that when remove dents it is difficult to break PAINT but not impossible. In fact, the probability for the paint to not break is about 90%.

The EASY DENT TOOL is very easy to use even by the most inexperienced after some practice with the tool.

The technique Pdr Tool plans to push up the dent, what Auctions easier to push up the less dangerous to break the paint, then the repair, paintless dent repair is less difficult.

Lord Dent Doctor in' paintless dent removal action will become the number one tool with Rod easy.

It is definitely simple for those who need to remove dents and then paint them.

Then, let’s face it, how many hail dents or other dents are now repaired in a workmanlike manner and thus raised 100%?


Well,with this PDR tool, with a little practice and commitment to succeed you’ll get results!

Paintless dent repair with Rod Easy you think you have solved the problem: if you break the paint.

The repairman Dent Doctor he will not think: if you break the paint when he has to Paintless dent removal.

You will learn quickly, while not working with a “edgy” tip (look the image of dent tools)

This Pdr Tool is made of aluminum alloy, because being light you will do when you have to work hard. The plate is made of steel that does not arruginisce.Il plate moves to 280 Degrees. If you go in BAZAAR this site you will find the video of the plate.


To find the right shape of the plate took me two years, the plate is not flat, but has a 1000% bombatura. Quiet works great. The plate runs on a polyurethane base, indestructible in time.

I do not think that observing Easy Road does not understand its effectiveness as a tool and Pdr Paintless dent repair.

Many Dent Doctor are happy to Easy Road, but do not want to give me a written testimony.

These Dent Doctor in 'paintless dent removal with Rod Easy to have more quality in the work.


Who has already some experience has an advantage.

He will use EASY DENT TOOL quickly, effortlessly and with ease.

He will increase his dexterity and “sharp eye” in removing dents and will learn how to use all the equipment to remove dents.

Thank you for your attention 


Good Job!!!

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