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Technique Glue and Tabs.


Do you have a car damaged by hail? Use  Dent Puller Technique Glue and Tabs.

Do you want to repair your own? do not use tools for body shop and  Dent removal. This is the technique with Dent Puller

Want put your money in your pocket even if you're a beginner of PDR technique?

In this video + manual " Technique Glue and Tabs " there is everything you need to learn and you will not use tools for bodyshop and PDR TOOLs.

You can repair the  car without dent removal tools and body shop tools , simply with hot glue and tabs pulling up, This video explains the technique dent removal, with Dent puller. Repair dent of hail with the hot glue , hot glue gun , tabs and lifter tabs is an excellent technique to restore the dent of hail from the bodywork of a car.

With hot glue dent removal from stroke may be removed, with Dent Puller that studies in this video course.

Not used for body shop tools or PDR tools.

This technique is mainly used where it is not possible to repair the bodywork of a car with tools of paintless dent removal , going into the specifics,  you use this technique when the paintless dent removal technician can not enter with his tools of the trade directly from the under the body to be able to force and so push the dent from hail outwards so as to restore the sheet to its original state .

In this video and  ebook will explain how to quickly and easily learn this technique, here we do not use the tools of the PDR but we mainly use the tabs and glue, for the dent removal tool and Dent Puller.

Tools Dent Puller there are different weights, I use a dent puller that weighs less than one kilogram, but there are tools Dent Puller weighing up to 2 kilogram.

Video  accompanied by an ebook , detailed and with various exercises and secrets that no one has ever explained.

There are real pictures and not distorted so you'll see 100% how to restore dent and dent removal.

Inside the bodyshop, glue and tabs are an integral part of the tools for body shop and PDR .

equipment for the body.

In this video we see dent with the lamp of paintless dent removal and not with the sunlight or any kind of reflection of light so you will see our quality and what you can learn from this video.

There are no false shots or scenes false, you will always see the hail dent being repaired with the neon lamp so as to understand more as you will need to do and what you need to do .

In this ebook you will find all the words that are said in the video, and other technical particulars.

A course of paintless dent removal that lasts five days can not teach you anything, you will need to practice to be able to get manual , glance and practicality and it will take more time to learn this technique to perfection .

There is now considered that the hot glue gun and glue have become tools for body shops, equipment and tools for PDR , in fact, are mainly used to repair car hail .

Why spending from 1000 to 5000 Dollars or Pounds for a week of  PDR , they are just money down the drain .


If you want to learn the technique of paintless dent removal alone this is one of the best possible solutions that you can find on the market.

Dent removal con Dent Puller.

We made this video just to avoid having to spend money to MANY people who are interested in learning a new job.

This is a video made by us paintless dent removal .

Good Job!!



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